How To Feel Free And Take Control



Are you constantly searching for the answer but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you wake up wondering what’s going to go wrong today?

Do you wish you had the support you need to know how to feel free?


If you answered YES this is exactly what you are looking for – all the support you need to learn how to manage anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs and fears as well as improve your personal development in any way that you want to. You can even request support and training on any mindset and personal development topic you would like. You will also have the choice to join a community of other women on the same journey you are on.


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Imagine waking up feeling free and in control of your own life. Waking up feeling happy and ready for the day. Being able to fearlessly face anything that is thrown at you. Knowing fully how to feel free.

How amazing would that feel?


You will discover life changing techniques and advice so that you can live the life you deserve full of freedom, happiness and confidence.



This is for you if you:

Are feeling your life is out of your control

Feel trapped by anxiety and fears

Want support with gaining freedom back



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Goal Setting Workbook & Goal Setting Workshop – realise your dreams, reflect on last month, analyse your feelings and set new goals.

12 Month Goals Workbook – set your goals for the year and get ready to take big action in the next 12 months.

Building Confidence & Ignoring Judgement with Confidence Coach, Lilli Badcock

Techniques for Managing Anxiety with Acupuncturist, Chantal Nagbou

Mindfulness and Self-Love with Health Coach, Cassandra Padgett



Book Recommendations

Anxiety Toolkit

Podcast Library

Motivation & Inspiration



February Bundle: Connect With Yourself with Laura Valenti

March Bundle: Break Limiting Beliefs with Emma Greenslade

April Bundle: 14 Day Peace Journey with Viviana Di Leo

May Bundle: Stress Reduction with Lydia Michelson-Maverick



Accountability partners

Support from me when you need it

Resources/ topic requests

A supportive Facebook Group to interact with other women on the same journey



Ask questions whenever you need

Monthly Live video answering your questions



Join The Mindset Mastery


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As well as all the life changing content that will be available you will have my support, advice and encouragement whenever you need it. This group is for YOU and it will contain everything that you need  to feel free and in control of your life in the way you want to.


Who am I?

A few years back I had severe anxiety and depression, I couldn’t drive my car, go to a shop or do anything alone. The thought of leaving the house made me feel ill with anxiety, I rarely stopped crying and this even effected my ability to go to work and play the sport that I used to love.

Fast forward to now and with the help of personal development I have been able to completely transform my mindset and become happy, confident and fearless. I love my life and facing new challenges now excites me rather than the uncontrollable fear I felt before.

Once I had overcome all the challenges that had been thrown at me I felt that it was my purpose in life to share what I had learnt with other women in the same situation that I was in. So here I am now, offering you the support that I  needed in that tough time of my life to support you in the way that I know you need it.

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Behind The Scenes

Want a sneak peak at how the members area looks?


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need?

You have access to the content any time, you can spend as long as you want. New content is added on the first of the month and can be viewed in your own time.

How do I access the content?

When you sign up you will receive an email with the information you need to login. You will have your own individual login on the website to access the content in a password protected area.

What topics are included?

See above for all the topics currently in the membership site and new content coming soon.

When is new content added?

A video masterclass and workbook is added every month on the first of the month.

Who can join the Mindset Mastery?

Any female that is ready to take back control of their life and wants to see improvements in their life. Ready to use personal development to manage anxiety, overcome fears, build confidence and feel free.



Are you ready to learn how to take back control of YOUR life?

Join the community of women on the same journey as you.

Let’s get started.


What happens when you join?

You will create a login with a username and password on the checkout page when you join.

You will then receive an email with a link to the members area. When you go to the website click on LOGIN and type your username and password. Then go to the link from the email. Save the link so you have easy access to the members area.

**The link only works when you are logged in**


You have a 7 day trial first before your first payment goes out. You can cancel in this time without being charged if you don’t enjoy the members area. If you enjoy the Mindset Mastery, you don’t need to do anything. The first payment will automatically come out in 7 days time.


Payment options

Once you’ve typed in your details click “Proceed To PayPal” You can continue to pay by PayPal by using your email address. If you are paying in another currency PayPal sorts out the conversion for you automatically.

You can pay by card by clicking “Pay by Debit or Credit Card

You will then be charged £20 a month automatically on the same date unless you cancel your membership (which you can can do at any time)


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