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New Moon Ritual

New moons are a time for setting new intentions and focusing on what you want to manifest. Having a new moon ritual is a great way to get clear and focused on what you want to achieve and to bring it into your reality. You can see when the new moons are using this calendar. I Read More

How To Connect With Your Inner Spirit

The journey of how to connect to your inner spirit is an exciting one, and one that you will enjoy. There is a spirit inside each and every one of us that is connected to, not separate from the Universe spirit. We are all part of that. You may call this The Universe, God, your Read More

Fear Blocked Me Meditation Energy Rescued Me

In this inspiring guest post, Linda talks to us about how meditation energy rescued her and changed her life. Meditation energy is so powerful. The Block Life force energy moves within you not around you.  What do I mean by blocked? Everything In life is energy. We are energy, money is energy, food is energy, Read More

Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working?

It can be frustrating trying to accomplish certain things in life or trying to attract the right circumstances and resources to complete a desired goal. Experiencing setbacks, trials, and tribulations can hinder our enthusiasm and make us question our personal capability. We all work hard at whatever it is we are doing but sometimes the Read More

Full Moon Ritual

After hearing about how powerful the full moon is and how it is a good time to let go and release the negative, forgive and let go I decided to start a full moon ritual. I am still learning about this and making the most of the energy from the moon so my ritual is Read More

How To Improve Your Energy

We’re 2 months into 2019. At the start of January dreams were created, goals were set, resolutions were made…… but for most of us out there, these are already a distant memory. Its hard to know how to improve your energy to achieve these goals and dreams. Did you know that according to, US News & Read More

How To Create Your Dream Future

Have you been day dreaming about your dream future? Do you get lost day dreaming about it, wishing it to be true. Saying things like “when I win the lottery…” It’s time to discover how to create your dream future and live the life you want and deserve.    How to create your dream future Read More

How To Manifest A Better Life Using The Law of Attraction

Time and time again I am asked by my community can they begin to transform their lives using the law of attraction and manifestation and how to manifest. While the simple answer is YES, there is more to it than just simply making the intention of change and are often shocked when they hear how Read More

How To Live In The Present

Many of us still feel a sense of regret whenever we remember something in the past, even when everything is said and done. We will be discussing how to live in the present, and not dwell on past mistakes? There’s a saying that goes, “When your past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to Read More

How To Meditate

Meditation is something I’ve always been interested in but always struggled to commit to. I guess I just didn’t know how to meditate. I felt that I was doing it wrong by feeling distracted and having thoughts through times of meditation. Recently I made the decision to commit to meditation and set a goal for Read More

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