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3 Habits To Greater Self-Love

Why is it that you believe you first have to lose 20 pounds, make a ton of money or get a degree before you deserve to be loved? Why is it that you withhold this free and unlimited resource from yourself? And why would you be outsourcing your most valuable asset? Why would you ask Read More

7 Positivity Habits

A question I get asked a lot is “how do I get a more positive mindset?” I believe the answer to this is consistency with personal development and positive habits that improve the way you think, react and behave.  I have a set morning and evening routine that includes my positivity habits and this keeps Read More

How To Take Control Of Your Life

Do you feel that your life is out of your control? That you have no control over your feelings and emotions? I’m here to tell you that you have the power to control how you are feeling and that you are the only one that can choose how you feel. It’s time to take control Read More

How To Improve Your Energy

We’re 2 months into 2019. At the start of January dreams were created, goals were set, resolutions were made…… but for most of us out there, these are already a distant memory. Its hard to know how to improve your energy to achieve these goals and dreams. Did you know that according to, US News & Read More

3 Crazy Effective Steps To Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

Whatever date the calendar is showing, you know very well that any day, of any month, of any year is the perfect moment to make a fresh start. Too many of us however struggle needlessly on the path to change and success. We set goals we don’t achieve. Then we lose motivation after a few Read More

The Best Personal Development Habits

Since there’s now over 80 blogs on this website I thought it would be good to do a roundup post of all the best personal development habits that I use and have had positive benefits from. These are the habits that I use daily and the benefits include: Managing anxiety Maintaining confidence and self-belief Feeling Read More

Journal Prompts For Self-Love

How often do you spend time talking positively about yourself? It’s so important to be kind to yourself. These journal prompts for self-love will give you a good start.  Schedule time into your day to journal and use some of these journal prompts for self-love every day. Write whatever comes to mind and don’t judge Read More

Inspiring Lessons From The Greatest Showman

I knew as soon as I first heard the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman that I would love it. The music was uplifting and the lyrics were meaningful. Once I had watched the film I loved the songs even more because of the connection with the story. It is such an inspiring story with so Read More

How To Find Strength When You are Tempted To Give Up

The way you look in life determines how you see problems. If you see them only as an annoyance, you will develop an attitude of bitterness, selfishness, and hopelessness that will make you want to give up. However, if you see your problems as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your character, you will be Read More

Self-Care Essentials

I really wanted to write this post because I feel it is the perfect time of year to work on self-care. I know many of you may feel guilty for putting yourself first and spending time looking after you but it is so important. It’s time to make self-care a priority and add it into Read More

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