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Beginner Workout For Busy People

    This beginner workout for busy people is perfect if you are new to exercising or just getting started. No need to go to a gym and you don’t even need any equipment. All you need is a body. Ideally yours. But before we get to this awesome beginner workout, let’s have a look why Read More

Home Gym Essentials

Are you wanting to add exercise into your daily routine to receive the endless benefits but can’t stand going to the gym? Maybe you think you don’t have time or don’t enjoy the gym. A great alternative is to create your own home gym. This can be really affordable and you don’t need a lot Read More

Techniques I Used To Improve Health

I’m going to be sharing with you my own personal story about my health, most recently with a potential heart condition. I have used some simple techniques to improve health and feel completely different now to how I did in mid June 2018. How often do you get a pain somewhere in your body? You Read More

What You Need To Know About Health And Wellness

The age-old prescription for health and wellness of diet, exercise and rest transcends the physical, optimizing our emotional and spiritual well-being. A proper regimen of diet, exercise and rest for your mind can benefit you in many ways, allowing you to maximize efficiency and productivity in functioning.    Diet For most people, diets equal crazy Read More

The Benefits Of Yoga

These days if you wear Lululemon, shop organics at Whole Foods and follow a vegan diet you may consider yourself a yogi. It sounds good. Toned body. Calm heart. Good intentions. But what does it really mean to be live a yoga life? What are the benefits of yoga?  And why are so many eager Read More