Building Confidence

Do you ever just feel like your life is falling into place? Like everything you’ve ever wanted is happening and you’ve never been happier? That’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. I’ve just got a new job, the dream job I’ve always wanted and I feel like my life is going in the direction Read More

30 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Do you ever think that you don’t have time for yourself? Maybe you don’t know any ways to practice self-care? Do you think you’re too busy with family, work, and everything else going on to even spend 5 minutes for yourself? It’s so important to schedule time in for self-care, to do things that you Read More

Personal Development Book Recommendations

Since starting my personal development journey I have read so many books. Reading personal development books can improve your knowledge on personal development. I have so many favourites that its hard just to pick 4. But here they are, the four that I most highly recommend.   Confidence by Katie Piper The best book I Read More

My Journey Of Overcoming Fear

In my late teens I had lots of fears, one of them being shopping alone. I hated being in a shop on my own. Always feeling really intimidated by people. I lacked confidence and hated being on my own. Still, I don’t know what it was about shopping that made me so nervous. I felt Read More

Simple Habits Of Personal Development

Our friend Wikipedia defines Personal Development as, “Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.”   In short personal development means to improve oneself. It means to become a better Read More

4 Daily Tips For Happiness

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been doing lots of research. I’ve been trying many methods of personal development to improve my mindset and overcome anxiety and depression. I have found so many daily tips for happiness that have had a huge impact on my life. Here I share with you my top 4 Read More

The Best Ways To Practice Gratitude

How often do you spend time thinking about everything you’re grateful for? Everyday? Once a week? There are many ways to practice gratitude daily that will be sure to improve your mood when you need it most. Studies have shown that simply being grateful has a positive impact on your mood, helps managing stress and Read More

The Best Morning Routine For a Productive Day

Who wakes up every morning, presses the snooze button, goes back to sleep until the very last minute then has to rush around to get ready? This used to be me, I’d leave it as late as I could then rush, and as a result, it had a huge impact on my day. I’d feel Read More

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