Mental Health Day

Do you ever wake up and just feel that you can’t face the day? Feeling down and unmotivated. It’s so important to listen to our bodies and do what is needed. Sometimes a mental health day is needed and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. While I highly recommend personal development as Read More

How To Create Your Dream Future

Have you been day dreaming about your dream future? Do you get lost day dreaming about it, wishing it to be true. Saying things like “when I win the lottery…” It’s time to discover how to create your dream future and live the life you want and deserve.  How to create your dream future Start Read More

3 Crazy Effective Steps To Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

Whatever date the calendar is showing, you know very well that any day, of any month, of any year is the perfect moment to make a fresh start. Too many of us however struggle needlessly on the path to change and success. We set goals we don’t achieve. Then we lose motivation after a few Read More

The Best Personal Development Habits

Since there’s now over 80 blogs on this website I thought it would be good to do a roundup post of all the best personal development habits that I use and have had positive benefits from. These are the habits that I use daily and the benefits include: Managing anxiety Maintaining confidence and self-belief Feeling Read More

Journal Prompts For Self-Love

How often do you spend time talking positively about yourself? It’s so important to be kind to yourself. These journal prompts for self-love will give you a good start.  Schedule time into your day to journal and use some of these journal prompts for self-love every day. Write whatever comes to mind and don’t judge Read More

How To Manifest A Better Life Using The Law of Attraction

Time and time again I am asked by my community can they begin to transform their lives using the law of attraction and manifestation. While the simple answer is YES, there is more to it than just simply making the intention of change and are often shocked when they hear how they can do it. Read More

From Anxiety And Depression To An Inspirational Survivor

This weeks Success Story is with Irene, she shares how she went from severe anxiety and depression to being an inspirational survivor. Irene shares everything she went through and what she did to come out the other side stronger than she could ever imagine.   Success Story: Irene Watson   From bottom up Advice is Read More

3 Tips If You Feel Stuck In Life

Success Story: Chisomo   It was 2013. I’d just had my second child. It has been a tough pregnancy; the pelvic girdle pain had been a lot to bare. I’d lost my grandmother months before and my father had just been diagnosed with cancer. My newborn was unsettled and whined all day long, at night Read More

Love Is The Answer

Success Story: Lucy Power Love is the answer On 9th January 2017 Transactional Analyst and my personal hero, Claude Steiner, died with the words ‘love is the answer’ floating on his last breath. Here is a memorium. This sentiment, this death and this beautiful truth affected me profoundly and deeply catalysed some life changing decisions Read More

The Power Of Journaling

Success Story: Hayley McDonnell The power of journaling for self-reflection from teenager, professional, to adult-hood After twenty years carving out a career as a teacher, middle manager and eventually faculty head in esteemed grammar schools in the North West of England, Hayley McDonnell is well versed in the field of self-reflection as a tool to Read More

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