Journal Prompts For Happiness

Journaling is a great way to change the way you are feeling. By using these journal prompts for happiness you can be on your way to happy. I like to do what I call positivity journaling which means even when I have a lot on my mind and brain dump all my negative thoughts in Read More

How To Connect With Your Inner Spirit

The journey of how to connect to your inner spirit is an exciting one, and one that you will enjoy. There is a spirit inside each and every one of us that is connected to, not separate from the Universe spirit. We are all part of that. You may call this The Universe, God, your Read More

Life Changing Personal Development Books

Over the last 3 years I have read so many personal development books. Reading is how I began my personal development journey. I learned so much from reading books and began to put it into action to manage anxiety, build my confidence and begin to love myself again. I wanted to out together a post Read More

3 Steps Towards Changing Your Life

In order for me to heal from my depression and low self-esteem, I had to do three things: think, feel, and take action – to simply put it. These are 3 steps towards changing your life.   Change doesn’t always have to be met with fear or resistance. We can simply make a conscious decision Read More

100 Ideas For A Better Life 

To celebrate 100 blog posts on Succeed Now, here are 100 ideas for a better life. These ideas range from personal development to health and wellness and fun and adventure to self-care. Go through and pick the ones that you like the sound of and give them a go. If you enjoy them and see Read More

Using Powerful Visualisation to Achieve Amazing Success

Most of us have probably heard of the concept of visualisation, but perhaps  you are unsure as to what it actually means. What do you think of when you hear the word visualisation? Does it sound like an airy -fairy idea or do you practice it regularly, seeing the results in your life on a Read More

Fear Blocked Me Meditation Energy Rescued Me

In this inspiring guest post, Linda talks to us about how meditation energy rescued her and changed her life. Meditation energy is so powerful. The Block Life force energy moves within you not around you.  What do I mean by blocked? Everything In life is energy. We are energy, money is energy, food is energy, Read More

36 Hour Phone Detox

I thought it would be interesting to experiment having time away from my phone to see how it felt, so I did a phone detox. I usually leave my phone at home when at social events and restaurants so it’s something I’ve explored before. However I had never done a 36 hour phone detox before.  Read More

Morning Routines For Positivity

This round-up of various morning routines for positivity will give you an idea of how you can add personal development into your morning for positivity, productivity and success. It is proven that how you spend the first 30 minutes of your day has an impact (either positively or negatively) on the rest of your day. Read More

Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working?

It can be frustrating trying to accomplish certain things in life or trying to attract the right circumstances and resources to complete a desired goal. Experiencing setbacks, trials, and tribulations can hinder our enthusiasm and make us question our personal capability. We all work hard at whatever it is we are doing but sometimes the Read More

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