36 Hour Phone Detox

I thought it would be interesting to experiment having time away from my phone to see how it felt, so I did a phone detox. I usually leave my phone at home when at social events and restaurants so it’s something I’ve explored before. However I had never done a 36 hour phone detox before.  Read More

Morning Routines For Positivity

This round-up of various morning routines for positivity will give you an idea of how you can add personal development into your morning for positivity, productivity and success. It is proven that how you spend the first 30 minutes of your day has an impact (either positively or negatively) on the rest of your day. Read More

Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working?

It can be frustrating trying to accomplish certain things in life or trying to attract the right circumstances and resources to complete a desired goal. Experiencing setbacks, trials, and tribulations can hinder our enthusiasm and make us question our personal capability. We all work hard at whatever it is we are doing but sometimes the Read More

How To Find Your Voice After Abuse

Success Story: Jamie Nuss   In a million years I never thought I’d be leaving with what I could carry when he was out of town, but verbal and emotional abuse are sneaky things. By the time you fully understand what’s happening, there’s not much left of you and this is why it’s so difficult to Read More

Beautiful Life Lessons From My Mother’s Death

Success Story: Danielle Grassi   My mom died March 15, 2017 and I didn’t know who I was without her. I spent my whole life being my mother’s daughter. We were a team. The next months following her death, I was lost. I wasn’t sure how I could go through life without her by my Read More

Naturopathy For Easing Anxiety

What is naturopathy? Let my start by telling you a little bit about naturopathy, as unfortunately most people aren’t familiar with this form of complementary medicine. Naturopathy is a holistic approach to western medicine: we listen to your symptoms, we look at your blood work, and we use the same terminology as your GP would. Read More

Be Brave To Change Your Life

Today we hear from Cathy, who shares with us her incredible, inspirational story through 3 miscarriages and cancer. Cathy shows us how being brave can change your life.   Success Story: Cathy McKinnon   I am a very logical person.  Once I know the problem that has to be solved I can think through and Read More

A Guide To Building Confidence

Success Story: Essence Harris   When was the last time you let fear and doubt go? You deserve a life full of confidence, growth, and authenticity. Here’s how to elevate in more ways than one.  It’s crazy how society, over thinking and fear contribute to the way we feel about ourselves. This fear then spills Read More

Full Moon Ritual

After hearing about how powerful the full moon is and how it is a good time to let go and release the negative and set intentions for the future I decided to start a full moon ritual. I am still learning about this and making the most of the energy from the moon so my Read More

3 Habits To Greater Self-Love

Why is it that you believe you first have to lose 20 pounds, make a ton of money or get a degree before you deserve to be loved? Why is it that you withhold this free and unlimited resource from yourself? And why would you be outsourcing your most valuable asset? Why would you ask Read More

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