The Self-Love Toolkit

This is your toolkit full of techniques and ideas for when you want a boost of self-love and acceptance. You can use these on an ongoing basis to really reinforce the love you have for yourself.

Forgiveness exercise

Write down an event or situation that you want to forgive yourself for. Visualise in your mind an image of you floating on a pink cloud (this symbolises love) say to yourself “I forgive you” and allow the cloud with your image on to drift away. This is a powerful exercise that you can use to forgive yourself and others to let go of the past in order to move on.

Journal prompts

  1. Write what your friends say about you
  2. Write one personality trait that you love
  3. Write about a favourite memory
  4. Write what you love about yourself
  5. Write gratitude about your body
  6. Write gratitude about your health
  7. Write positively about your appearance
  8. Write 3 things you are good at
  9. Write about your success
  10. Write 3 things you have achieved
  11. Write about what you are proud of
  12. Write your biggest dreams

Mirror exercise

Look in the mirror and write what you see and think. Then cross through all the negativity that comes up, thinking to yourself and writing down all the reasons that this is not true. Think about where the belief came from and go back to that time. Forgive that time using the forgiveness exercise above and move on from it.

Write yourself a love letter

Take some time to write down all the positive things about yourself – about your personality, appearance, character, achievements, successes etc. Think about all the positive things that people you know say about you. Read this love letter every morning and really believe every word. 

Create a love box

Write down on a post-it note every time someone pays you a compliment or you notice something positive about yourself. Put it in the box and you can look back through them whenever you need a self-love boost.

Challenging irrational beliefs 

Write down the trigger and your belief

Eg. I am useless

Answer the following questions underneath your belief 

  1. What does this statement mean? 
  2. Can I, or anyone else, be defined as useless?
  3. Is this me rating myself as a person?
  4. What evidence do you have to prove this belief is wrong?
  5. Is this preventing me from exploring my other possible skills?
  6. If so, how can I learn from this and improve the situation in the future?

Continue this for as long as needed until you begin to no longer believe the statement. 

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