Succeed Now Guest Appearances

Here you can access all of Succeed Now guest appearances on other blogs where I have shared personal stories and actionable tips on personal development and mindset. Click the titles below to read the posts.


Succeed Now Guest Appearances

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Who is Lucy?

Hey, I’m Lucy. I love blogging about personal development and mindset after going through the challenges I faced myself. I truly believe I went through those struggles so I can share these tips with you.


During my personal development journey, I have overcome fears of driving and being in public alone. Built my confidence in making friends and social situations. Managed my anxiety and depression and feel in control of my life. Increased my happiness and relationships with family and friends. Improved my physical health including a heart condition I only found out about in 2018. I have learned to manage stress and overwhelm. Using personal development and specifically self-care I avoided burnout while working full time, playing a sport and committing to this business changing women’s lives.


I love sharing these tips to help you on your personal development journey and also as I continue on my own journey and learn more. When I was at my worst I needed someone to support me, I needed to hear from others on the same journey and to know that there was hope. Once I had used personal development to overcome my struggles I knew I had to create something so no one has to go through what I did alone.


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