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Just a little bit about Succeed Now. This website was started with you in mind, to provide support, advice and coaching to improve mindset and your life. Please make the most of all the content and services available and if you need anything at all just let me know. I look forward to learning more about you.

Meet Me

I’m Lucy Smith, I’m part of a very close family and love to travel and explore new places. When I was 11 I started playing a sport, I play the sport of Bowls and have done for the past 10 years.

I wasn’t very academic in school and didn’t find it very enjoyable as I struggled with social skills. So I couldn’t wait to start working and do a job that helped others, which is why I studied childcare in college.

I had confidence and belief issues and had suffered with anxiety, holding me back from doing anything alone including driving or shopping. This began to have a negative impact on my life and I knew these all had to be overcome if I was to be successful.

So I started reading, listening to positive audios, meditating, visualising and being grateful. This is when I came across an event in NLP, I went along and absolutely loved the whole idea of it. I made it one of my goals that one day I’d be a coach and help others overcome the challenges I had faced.

Recently, when listening to a podcast, I suddenly decided now was the time. Why wait until the future to do something I want to do? If I want to do it then why not now? So I did it, I did a course, started a business and now here I am as an NLP Practitioner.

I hope the blogs, free support and services will add value to your life and the tools and techniques that have helped me through anxiety, confidence, self-belief issues and much more will help you too.

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